Your Husband or Wife Had An Affair: Now What?

Here's what you need to know.
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It's devastating to learn that your partner cheated.

There is help.

In the Free Mini-Course Your Partner Had An Affair: Now What?, you’ll learn the most important things to focus on immediately after realizing that your partner had an affair.

Get answers to questions like:

A mini course to help when you can't think straight.


“This is such a great course. I’ve been practicing for 15 years with high-conflict couples facing infidelity, and this course and worksheets are so valuable. Perfect to work though the discovery phase of an affair.”

Emily F.

This free mini course includes:

Cheri Timko Couples Relationship Coach

Get the support you need and deserve!

Over the last twenty years, I’ve helped hundreds of couples just like you to fix the problems in their relationships so they can be truly happy with one another.

I’m here to help you through what might be one of the darkest points in your relationship. I want to spare you from the most common mistakes couples make.

Access the free mini-course Your Partner Had an Affair: Now What?

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