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Don't let Roommate Syndrome erode your love. Develop the close, connected, and passionate marriage or long-term relationship that you long for.

laim a Close, Connected, and Passionate Relationship with Cheri Timko's Free Guides

Solve persistent relationship problems through fun and easy-to-use tools.

If you want your relationship to last a lifetime, you’ll need to work on it. Here are complimentary Relationship Guides to get started today!

Ho Hum To Hell Yes: 3 Relationship Habits you need today!​

You can have healthy relationship habits or hurtful relationship habits. Learn some Powerful Relationship Habits you can start practicing TODAY.

This guide is for you if you are feeling Disconnected and Lonely in your marriage. You’ve tried arguing about it. Now try making some powerful changes.

Inside, you will discover:

You’ll feel excited about your relationship again.

You will be surprised how small changes will change the feel of your relationship!

Make Time For Love: Balancing Busy Schedules to Banish Roommate Syndrome

Are you struggling to find enough time to spend with your partner?

This guide is for all of the couples who “don’t have enough time.”  It may seem impossible to make time in your schedule, but you’ll learn some tricks to create a deep connection between all of the “must-do” activities.

Inside, you’ll get:

Stop missing one another and make small changes that will transform your connection.

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The Power of Memories: Using Fond Memories to Strengthen Your Relationship

Once upon a time, you fell in love and decided to create a life together.  Remember how special that was?

This relationship guide gives you a format and process to deeply connect with your partner through the power of reminiscing.  You’ll remind each other of how and why you fell in love in the first place.

Inside, you will find:

Relationship work shouldn’t be excruciatingly painful. Connect through fond memories.

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Date Night Digest

Improving your relationship isn’t something that you do once.  It’s an on-going process to connect and strengthen your relationship.  However, when you do a little work every week, you’ll build on each step to create a love for a lifetime.

Each week, you will receive hands-on, bite-sized, tested solutions to the unique challenges of long-term relationships. The suggestions help you develop a closer relationship with your spouse. You will learn how to break out of Roommate Syndrome so you can Rekindle the Romance. It’s delivered weekly to your inbox. You’ll get:

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