Date Your Way Back to Desire:​

6 Dates to a Passionate Marriage​

Fall in love again in this 12-week program designed to reignite your spark. Rediscover the joy in your marriage.

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Date Your Way Back to Desire:​

6 Dates to a Passionate Marriage​

Fall in love again in this 12-week program designed to reignite your spark. Rediscover the joy in your marriage.

Make your Marriage Fun and Relaxing again!!!

Break out of Roommate Syndrome with a Structured Married Dating Program.

Are you satisfied with an "okay" relationship?​​

Are you experiencing the joy, closeness, and passion that you want in your relationship?

If you’re not, you are not alone. Most couples struggle with Roommate Syndrome.

Roommate Syndrome is when your relationship resembles two friends living together. You keep the house running and pay the bills, but the spark has gone out of your relationship. You might even have sex every now and then, but you do it to check it off the list.

Thoughtful couple pondering relationship dynamics with Cheri Timko, Couples Relationship Coach.
Couple reflecting on common challenges in long-term relationships with Cheri Timko, Couples Relationship Coach.
There are several problems with being in the middle of your marriage. Despite the many benefits of long-term relationships, most couples struggle with:​

What You Want

You long for your marriage to be a source of joy and support.

This desire is not solely for your own benefit. It’s important to you that your kids see an example of a stable, happy, healthy marriage relationship. If they grow up and copy your marriage, you want to feel good about the blueprint you’ve given them.

It’s time to get your marriage back on track.

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You are invited to ditch the disappointment in a program designed to revive your relationship once and for all. Now you can rekindle your love through fun.


Date Your Way Back to Desire

From Roommate Syndrome to the Marriage of your Dreams in six dates.

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You'll go on six dates. During your date, you will spend 30 minutes answering questions designed to help you regain the closeness and connection you felt at the beginning of your relationship. The rest of the time is spent doing something fun with your love.

Imagine feeling close and connected with your partner again!

These dates are structured with:

You'll tap into the excitement you felt at the beginning of the relationship. I'll do the heavy lifting of creating the Reconnection Roadmap.

Through the Date Your Way Back to Desire program, you can recapture the fun of the beginning of your relationship while doing a little bit of relationship work. You choose the fun activities and receive instructions for specific conversations that will reveal what needs to change to rekindle your love.

Benefits of the Program

By the end of the program, you will not only feel better about your partner and your relationship, but you will also have tools to keep your relationship on the right track for many years to come.


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Course Details​​

Register for the Date Your Way Back to Desire program life time access

Through the Date Your Way Back to Desire program, you can recapture the fun of the beginning of your relationship. You will go on six dates. You choose the activities but receive instructions for specific conversations that will reveal what needs to change to rekindle your love.

So, skip the couples counseling! Instead, rekindle your love through fun.

This program is set up around six dates. To participate, you'll need to block off six times on the calendar so other events won't interfere with your time together.

The Date Your Way Back to Desire program will start February 12, 2024.

You'll get:

12 Live/Recorded Relationship Skills and Q&A sessions. We’ll cover:

Portal access to replays, worksheets, and instructions.
6 sets of Essential Conversation Questions for each of your date.
Weekly relationship building activities for non-date weeks.
Mindset strategies that will change how you think about your partner so it’s easier to solve problems.
Ongoing support from relationship expert Cheri Timko for solutions to your tricky relationship problems.
Plus tools, tips, and advice to get the most out of your experience.

Your time commitment: about 2 hours a week. Of course, most of that will be spent having fun with your partner.

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The Nitty Gritty Details

You will attend (or watch the replay) of a video session teaching you an essential (but often overlooked) relationship tool. You will also get detailed instructions to set your date up for success. This will take you about 30-45 minutes each week.

Each week you will receive:

Instructions for your date.

Instructions for your date.​

Tips tricks and tools to make your date a deeply connecting event

Tips, tricks, and tools to make your date a deeply connecting event.

Conversation Questions for a structured discussion to move your relationship forward. 1

Conversation Questions for a structured discussion to move your relationship forward.

The program is 12 weeks long. You will go on a date 6 times, on the weeks that are most convenient for you. There will be a shorter non-date activity for the other weeks.

A date can be a formal, planned outing OR uninterrupted time together in the house.

You will set aside NO MORE than 30 minutes to complete the structured discussion. The rest of the time will be spent having fun and connecting with your partner in an activity of your choice. This will take about 2 hours a week.

You will bring your questions and difficult problems back to the video sessions so I can give you targeted tools to deal with the problems you are really facing. You can submit them ahead of time by email or attend live to ask your questions.

Your cost today: $1297. The investment in your future: priceless.


In addition to the program features, you will also get 4 Exciting Bonuses:

Date Your Way Back to Desire Program​

Here's what you'll receive:


Fast action bonus​

For the first 15 couples who sign up for the program, you'll receive these fast action bonuses:

Total Value = $16,143 

Total Value = $1297

If you are worried how your partner will react to this idea, use the following Script to Invite Your Spouse to start the conversation. Adapt it to speak directly to them. They will have a hard time ignoring this invitation.

Honey, do you have a minute? I’ve found an exciting program that I want to share with you. To me, it’s felt like we’ve been in a rut for a while. I know how busy our schedules are. But I think it’s important that we put some time into our relationship so we don’t lose track of one another. The program is built around six dates, so we’d have to set a little bit of time to go out. It’s a roadmap that uses fun to get back to where we used to be. We get a weekly skills training session, which I’m happy to go to. I’ll share anything that you might want to know. During our date, we’ll spend 30 minutes answering questions that help us really connect. I think this would be good for our marriage. It’ll let us remember who we were at the beginning. What do you think about giving it a try?​​
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Now's the time to talk with your partner about reconnecting in a deep way. Invite them to work on your relationship through fun and relaxation.

What are you waiting for? Grab your spot today!

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Who am I?

Hi! I’m Cheri Timko. For over 20 years, I’ve helped couples claim the deeply connected and satisfying relationship they long for. I’ve seen it all when it comes to relationships. I know that a strong and stable marriage provides a springboard to accomplish many other goals in life. I’m so committed to this work that I spend a lot of time studying, reading, and learning new techniques and tools to help couples thrive at all stages of their relationships.

In my personal life, I’ve been married to my amazing husband for over 20 years. We’ve worked through many of our own challenges including the joys of raising three daughters. I’ve used many of the tools in my own relationship that I teach in Couples Therapy, Couples Coaching, in the blog, and in courses. If a tool doesn’t work well for us and others, I don’t teach it to you.

Date Your Way Back to Desire brings the wisdom I’ve gathered over the years to you in an easy to use package using the best methods I can find.


The difference of Date Your Way Back to Desire...

If you're like other couples, you've tried to improve your relationship by:

But things haven't improved for very long. After a few weeks or months, you go back to feeling taken for granted, prioritized low on the list, resentful, and lonely. Except now you also feel disappointed, hurt, unseen, and unheard.

Date Your Way Back to Desire shows you how to achieve long-lasting results. Not only will you change your interactions now, but you'll know exactly how to change them when you feel out-of-sync in the future.

You will get great results because the program pairs relationship work with fun. You'll do the work in the right order to achieve the changes you want.

Date Your Way Back to Desire provides what you can't get by working on it on your own:​

Video 11
You talk about working on your marriage from time to time. If you never actually create a plan or put the plan into action, you’re like most couples. This program is a commitment to making changes that will improve your relationship.
Video 12
New ideas and tools
Most couples “try harder” using the same old tools that got them where they are today. If you want something different, you need to do something new. In this program, you’ll learn new relationship tools so you get different results.
Video 13
You don’t have to create your own plan. I’ve pulled together the best ideas and put them together into a roadmap to connect with your partner. You will get each step in the right order to get long lasting effects.
Video 14
You are invited to share your specific problems during the group call or directly to me. I will teach the skills and tools that you need to break the gridlock in your relationship.
Feedback from couples who have participated in the Date Your Way Back to Desire program: 💖

💘 They are spending more time together.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 They’re talking to each other more.
❤️‍🔥 They are feeling closer to one another.
💓 They’re having more sex.
😊 They are being more spontaneous with one another.
✨ They are working through problems as a team.
💕 They feel more excited about their relationship.
🔥 Remembering the past feels great.
💯 They are having more success at setting aside time for one another with the increased accountability.

This program is for you if...


Frequently Asked Questions

The best couple for this program:

  • Has felt close to one another in the past.
  • Has something that acts as glue for them (a shared mission, values, history, or business).
  • Has a long-term commitment to the relationship.
  • Has a history of cycling in and out of periods of bickering and periods of silence.
  • Has already learned a lot about how relationships are “supposed” to work but have not been able to make those strategies work for them.
  • Is not currently in a crisis that threatens the relationship (i.e. active affair, affair recovery, last chance couples considering separation, etc.).
  • Have never had an argument escalate to violence.


This is a common barrier to working on your relationship.  You can find creative solutions in the free Make Time For Love: Balancing Busy Schedules to Banish Roommate Syndrome Relationship Guide. It will help you find the pockets of time that could be dedicated to this program.

You may struggle to get away from the house, especially when you have little kids. You’ll be interested in At-home Date Night ideas, which I’ll provide. You can choose one of those ideas or your own. The simplest way to schedule an at-home date is to plan your them after the kids are in bed. If you need to, use the questions one night and do your activity a different night.


I suppose that you could sneak attack them. You could schedule dates with them without telling them the purpose. They wouldn’t get the benefit of the teaching component of the program. And they might be thrown off by your questions.


Yes! This is for long-term couples whether they are married or not.


That’s up to you. You can interact during the Zoom call or in the Facebook group, if that’s what you want to do. Or you can watch the teaching sessions live or the replay without talking to a soul. Except your spouse, who I hope is also watching it.


Couples Counseling has it’s place. With a really skilled therapist, it can even be fun! But, many couples struggle with the rigid structure and negative stigma of counseling. Most people wait for a crisis before they start counseling. This program helps you avoid that crisis. Besides, it doesn’t involve the insurance company, there are no records, and no one who sees you on a date would imagine that you are working on your relationship.

Couples who go on regular date nights usually experience many benefits. But, being together doesn’t always solve the relationship issues that get in the way of deeper connection. This program helps those who feel disconnected, disappointed, and lonely in their relationship develop the skills to communicate and work through problems. You’ll have to decide whether or not your regular dates provide all of the benefits that your relationship needs.


Cheri provides all of the services. She has not hired any other coaches to deliver this program. She will meet with you weekly during the group video session. She is also available by email. You can send questions to be addressed during the group session or answered individually. She responds to all emails within 24 hours on business days (Mon-Fri unless a holiday).

Some couples have dealt with relationship problems by avoiding the unresolved topics. Occasionally, a couple will experience more conflict when they start any relationship work. This is because they are tackling the challenges more directly. We are going to talk about this a lot in the program. You will have opportunities to ask about your specific challenges.

Your cost today: $1297. The investment in your future: priceless.

It's time to invest in your relationship so it lasts a lifetime.


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